Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Official First Day of Summer Vacation

Today is the official first day of summer vacation for the kids. The Bookworm slept til 11, The Princess didn't sleep in quite that late, she was up earlier. Their agenda for today was to hang out and do what they wanted to do, except for two things, clean out their bedroom closet, put away their washed, clean clothes and to do their chore of either putting away the clean dishes out of the dishwasher or load the dirty ones in the dishwasher. I think that they have had a good first day. They played a game of Monopoly together too. Tonight we're cooking ribs on the grill for dinner when the Hubby gets home. I went outside and checked my garden just alittle while ago, and I have two zucchinis that will be ready in a few days, along with lettuce and radishes. Can't wait til everything produces, it's so wonderful having fresh vegetables!

Tomorrow the Kids and I will go to Books A Million and get their book for Summer Reading. They have to read one book assigned by their school over the Summer and when they get back to School in the Fall, they have to take a test on the book that they chose to read. I'll probably take the kids to get something for doing good on their end of the year report cards. The Bookworm wants a pair of rainbow flip-flops, I don't know what the Princess wants. We got the Bookworm a cell phone on Saturday. The Princess got one at his age, so it was time to get him one. He is now part of the youth at Church and whenever they go somewhere he needs to be able to call if he needs something and we want to be able to reach him as well.

Thursday, not sure what we'll do, I know that it will probably consist of going back to the Doctor for me. I had my pulmonary lung function test this morning, so I am hoping that my Doctor calls tomorrow with the results and I am sure that she will want to see me to discuss treatment and meds. Maybe the kids and I will do the ZOO.

Friday will be here soon, don't know what we will do. Saturday we may go to the Water Park at Carowinds. We have season passes for there. It'll be fun to go and just hang.

Sunday of course is God's day and Church.

Next Monday or Tuesday the kids and I will probably ride down to my parents and go swimming and ride 4-wheelers and go-carts. We will go down to their home at least once if not twice a week during the Summer. It is so nice to live so close to them! We enjoy getting together with them and just spending time with them. I am sure that one of the kids will want to spend a few nights there too next week!

S-leeping in
U-nending possibilities

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