Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Historic Downtown and Antique Shopping

Today was a Terrific Tuesday! The Princess and I lounged around the house this morning and then after lunch we went and walked around the Historic Downtown Town that is about 10 mins. from us. It was a nice afternoon of Antique Shopping. We must have went into every Antique Shop downtown. Of course that is all that is on the Main Street of the little Town, Antique Shops. It was fun to walk around in them and just take our time browsing....I only spent $5.00! I bought an old antique (1913) Math hardback book and an old Bible History book for the Hubby, I plan to give it to him for Father's Day. Then we bought an old 5X7 frame that was teal in color; the Princess has something that she is planning to make to give Dad for Father's Day(can't wait to see what it is). So we spent a total of $5.00 :) It was a good time ended with Caramel Java Chiller's from Sonic!

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