Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home Clean Home

Well, for the past three days I have been detail cleaning our house. Every nook has been cleaned. From the ceilings to the base boards, it smells pretty awesome in the house, and a feeling of delight fills me when I think about just how clean the house is. The kids even helped which was nice and a blessing. Today is a day of rest for me....I think I deserve it:)

Our house is open to friends...and family, who want to come and visit. We always have an open door at our home. Our evenings consist of sitting on our patio and drinking coffe and watching the birds eat from the many feeders in our yard. Very relaxing.....we also enjoy sitting on our wooden swing in the back as well. And of course watching my garden grow is so so enjoyable, but the best blessing is when I get to pick veggies when they are ready! I have enough things that are ready now to have a salad straight from our garden! Lettuce, radishes, tomatos, bell pepper and banana pepper, squash and zucchini:) Yummy! I should have cucumbers in a few days. And the herbs that the Bookworm and I planted are now growing too! And the watermelon seed that the Princess and I planted is growing really really big, we will def. have a watermelon! Not too mention my broccoli....the whole row of broccoli seeds that I planted are all fixing to ready to pick!

Summer fun, relaxing at home, going on road trips to places that you want to go, or doing nothing at all.........

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