Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mission Trip

The Hubby and I just returned from a Mission Trip. We chaperoned the Middle School Youth from our Church on a Mission Trip. We had a wonderful time and it was so amazing seeing our Youth step out of their comfort zone to minister and show the love of Christ to the people in Myrtle Beach.

Our first full day consisted of passing out free lemonade to people that were on the beach enjoying the sun and water. Our Youth walked up to people that they didn't even know and they told them who they were and asked if they would like to have a cup of lemonade. Afterwards they told them Jesus loves you, regardless if they took the lemonade or not.

The second part of our first day was going to one of the local nursing homes and ministering to the elderly that lived there. Our group sang songs while one of our Youths played her guitar for us. It was very touching to see the people that lived there enjoying our songs that we were singing and praising the Lord. Secondly, we split up and made a picture frame craft with/for them. Some of the residents were not able to participate much in the way of helping make their craft, so it was a blessing to see our Youth making it for them, or helping if they needed help. Thirdly we played several games of Bingo! Yes, most residents in nursing homes LOVE to play Bingo! It was a fun time, and I was very proud of our Youth.

The next day we went to a Community that is ran by a local Church their. The Community is filled with elderly that are living in substidized housing. All residents were independent and they had their own duplex there. The Youth washed windows for the ones that wanted their house windows washed, pulled weeds out of their flower bed, and pulled weeds out of their Community garden. The Community garden is where I volunteered and I greatly enjoyed getting to know the one elderly man resident that was in charge of the garden. We worked up a sweat, but it was all worth it seeing the smiles on the faces of the residents of their Community!

The second half of the day was all fun for the Youth, they were able to enjoy a local waterpark and later they were able to go and get dinner of their choice at a local Mall and have some free time to walk around and shop. It was a great day and a fun time!

The Mission Trip was a wonderful blessing, the Hubby and I can't wait to go back and chaperone again next year! God is good!!!

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