Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So Long.....Farewell

Tonight the Hubby's Detachment gave him a Farewell dinner. We arrived after everyone else, the Hubby and the kids and I, everyone was sitting at a really really long table. All of his soldiers were there along with a few of his Local National Italian Civilian Workers. It was nice, all of his soldiers are wonderful, he has been blessed by having such a good group of soldiers and local nationals.

We ordered and ate and talked to everyone. We always make an effort to talk to everyone everytime that Detachment gets together. We have always made it a point to remember spouses and children's names and things in which they find interest in doing. Whenever you ask about their family or other things that are going on in their life, their eyes light up knowing that you are truly interested in them, which we truly are. It's called, taking time to know others. It's a thing that sadly not alot of people do anymore.

They presented the Hubby with a beautiful framed plaque with the past Battalion guidon and the present one.(they recently changed) It is very big, I am so glad that we have hold baggage coming on Monday, there is no way that we could have hand carried this on the plane! The Hubby gave his speech, it was emotional, a lot of his soldiers had tears, even the Italians. The Hubby even looked teary eyed. For me, I'll save it for the Change of Command in the morning. The Hubby said that he did get really teary when he switched out computers in his office today, or should I say old office.

Tomorrow is THE day.....I am sure a few tears will be shed. We have to say goodbye to some very dear friends tomorrow whom we want see again before we fly out next week. We are looking forward to moving back to the states, sad to have to tell so many friends that we have made here goodbye, but you know what, we're leaving here blessed because God has placed so many wonderful people in our path while we have been stationed here.

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