Monday, October 6, 2008

Looking for a Rental Home

Well, the past few days I have been searching the internet for a rental home. I have e-mailed about 10 different people that have homes for rent. We decided that we are not going to live on Post at Ft.Jackson reasons being that I don't think that we will get onto housing! And the second thing is that the Officer housing is very SMALL! It's great to be going to a place that you are familiar with........I mean I am from South Carolina and my entire childhood til I got married, I lived in Aiken, which is only about an hour and so away. Plus my brother and his wife lived in Columbia for alittle bit before they moved to the big city "Chicago"! So we know what areas to look at and what areas to not look at.

I am hoping to have about 2 or 3 housing lined up so that my parents can go and look at them.....maybe on Friday.(thanks Mom and Dad) It would really be nice to have a house waiting on us when we get to Ft. Jackson. If not, we'll find one.....eventually! We would love to be in a house and have all of our household goods by Thanksgiving. With an intent to have the house unpacked and decorated for Christmas! Gotta have the tree up after that yummy Thanksgiving dinner! It's a tradition with us! We are definitely looking for to have a huge wonderful Thanksgiving with family this year.....we can't wait.

So, if you know of any rentals in Columbia, preferrably, Northeast, send them my way!

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