Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One More Wednesday

I am seating here thinking about what to Blog about........well, I could start by saying that we only have 1 more Wednesday after today in our house here. Next Wednesday will be the last Wednesday in this house, our last Wednesday in Italy we will be in Guest Lodging on Post. Can't believe that this week is almost over and that we are getting a lot closer to getting out of Italy. Yes, you heard me correctly, we have come to the fact along time ago that Italy is not the most favorite place that we have ever lived, in fact, it's the worst place we have ever lived! We all four dislike it here. The country is dirty, there is nothing around us within a reasonable distant to go and see or do, plus we have found the Italians to be the most rudest people that we have ever met! You can't even began to compare living in Germany with living here, it's two totally different worlds! Trust me.......we're counting down the days.......counting them down!

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Cheri said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. EXACTLY!

I will need to remind you though that once you come back to the states you loose that close knit community feeling. *sigh*