Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Roma,Italy~Arrival Evening on Friday

I can not believe that we finally went to Roma! When we first moved to Europe 5 1/2 years ago, I made a list of the places that we wanted to go and see and Rome was that last place on the list......and guess what, it was the last place that our family will visit before we PSC back to the states in 3 weeks! Yes, I did pinch myself to make sure that I really WASN'T dreaming!

We had always talked about just taking the train to Roma, but we decided to do it the old fashioned way and drive it! It was a 7 hour trip there, but the drive was very beautiful. Real pretty green country side with olive trees and sheep on the hills. We had an excellent hotel, Novotel Roma, just outside of the city. Little did we know that they had a free hotel shuttle that took you into the city. This was great because we didn't have to venture on our own and ride the creepy metro or regional train! Did I forget to say that the hotel shuttle was....free! Once we arrived on Friday evening to our Hotel, we checked in took our luggage up to our room, changed and jumped on the shuttle so that we could go and see the Colosseum at night and also to find somewhere to get dinner.

The shuttle dropped us off right at the main train terminal in the heart of Roma(and no I am not spelling it wrong, it actually is spelled Roma, we Americans spell it Rome we do that with a lot of European names). We started walking down the main street for about 10 minutes, then we looked up a side street and we could see the Colosseum. Wow, was it beautiful! We walked until we were standing right in front of it. Of course we oooed and awed and took pictures, and then planned that on day 3 we would come back and go inside it. Because on the next day we were planning to go to the Vatican City.

We then, left to walk back towards the main train terminal looking for a place where we could grab some dinner on the way back. We found a nifty little pizzaria, so we decided to get pizza. The pizza in Roma is different than where we live in Vicenza. In Roma it is oval shaped and very long, they cut off as big of a piece as you would like and they weigh it and sell it by the kilogram.We each got a different piece and we all thought that it was just to die for! Especially the Bookworm, we had to get him another piece! Here is a picture of mine and the Hubby's pizza!After dinner, we caught the Hotel shuttle back to the Hotel at 8:30 and went to bed looking forward to the next day and all that was waiting for us to explore and see!

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