Thursday, October 23, 2008

Health Clinics.....

Before I start this post let me just say that I am very thankful that we have free health care through the Military, and that I am very thankful that my husband is in the Military and has a job! I know that there are many that do not have a job, or even worse, have a job buy no health benefits.

So my story for the day.............I have had a really bad cough for the past almost 3 weeks now, and I know that it is bronchitis. How do I know? Because 2x's a year I get it, the Fall of the year and right before Spring. What usually clears it up, an antibiotic. And yes, I know that antibiotics are not always the cure all, but with Bronchitis, that is the solution. So anyway, back to my story. So I finally had had enough of the coughing(and yes, dear Hubby and the kids had too)and the trying to take all of the over the counter meds. that I could, so I called the Health Clinic on Monday to get an appt. You know, call, get an appt. Now I wasn't necessarily thinking that I would get one for that same day, but at least within the next day or two. So, I call, and I wait, then I finally talk to someone and guess what I was told?!?!? Oh, you'll have to come in to Triage and see a nurse and if they think that you are sick, then you will see a doctor! What, get out, I couldn't believe my ears! So I asked, there are NO appts. this week, the answer I got, NO, you'll have to go to Triage. So I asked when I could get an appt. The answer I got, Monday the 27th with Dr.____. First of all I couldn't believe that I would have to wait until Monday the 27th when obviously you could tell that I really was sick and second of all there was NO WAY I was seeing that DOCTOR! I will not say his name because if you are reading this and you are stationed here, then you probably know this Civilian Italian Doctor that works at this Clinic and he has very bad bed side manners. I waited on him one day in the examining room for 2 hours plus her was really rude! So I told the lady absolutely not, that I would not see him, I didn't care if he was my Primary Care Giver or not. So of course, there were no more appts. on Monday with any other Doctor but him, go figure, I am not the only sane person around here, no one else wants to see him either! So the third option was to call on Saturday morning and get an appt. to go in on Saturday. For those of you reading this, yes, they do have a Saturday Clinic. This was not an option for me though, I needed relief and it had to be within a day or two at the longest! So I hung up the phone and was thinking of what I could do.

The Bookworm had an appt. to get his eyes checked on Thursday, could I wait that long.?! There was no way I was going to go in and see the nurse and hope that she/he would think that I was sick enough to see the doctor, Lord knows how long that would take! So the plan was this....Hubby would go with me to take the Bookworm to get his eyes checked. He would stay with the Bookworm, while I checked in to "triage".

So today, that is what we did. The Hubby took care of the Bookworm, and I checked into " Triage" and sat waiting to be called back, while the whole time I was sitting I was praying that I would also get to see a Doctor, but not THE Dr.! So I get called back and the Nurse says yes, I think you should see a DR. let me see if I can get you an appt. for tomorrow, then she left. I am thinking to myself....TOMORROW.....isn't this what Triage is for so that you can see a doctor today! So once again I sat there praying that I would be able to see a Doctor today and once again not THE DOCTOR! Also, we only have one car now, and tomorrow is NOT my day to have it, it's the Hubby's day! So after a few minutes, the Nurse comes back in and says, if you give me your ID Card I can get you in right now to see Dr.___. I dug through the purse and handed her my ID Card. I was so thankful to the Lord that I was going to get to see the Doctor and it was NOT going to be THE DOCTOR!!!! Thank you Lord.

So, by the time I was finished seeing the Doctor(and yes, it is bronchitis and yes, he gave me an antibiotic along with some other meds. like Tylenol with Codiene....I see sleep in my future tonight!)the Hubby and the Bookworm were getting called for his eye check up. Perfect timing! Thank the Lord the Bookworm doesn't need of yet anyway, hey, three out of the four of us has them already, it's just a matter of time!

I know you are probably wondering where the Princess was during all of this......Flute lessons, she has Flute lessons on Thursdays.

The power of prayer people, the power of prayer, never under-estimate it!

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