Thursday, October 30, 2008

Change of Command

Well, it's done.....Command. The Change of Command was this morning. It rained all night last night and was suppose to rain all day today too. We awoke this morning to crisp air and beautiful blue skies. The mountains were beautiful this morning. God answered our prayers. We were praying that it would rain for the Change of Command this morning because we didn't want to have to move the Ceremony into the Post Gym. It was beautiful and clear until about an hour or so AFTER the Change of Command, then it started raining.....perfect timing!

The Ceremony went wonderfully. The Soldiers looked so great out on the field. The Hubby's speech was great, and yes, he did get choked up, he had to pause at one moment. Then that made his soldiers choke up on the field.....several were crying. This Finance Detachment that my husband was in Command of was a small Detachment of only 15 Soldiers, so everyone is very close. He had about 40/45 Italian Nationals working for him as well.

Our two favorite Chaplains gave the Invocation and the Benediction. We were so glad that they were able to take part in the Ceremony. Our close friends(Army Family) were there with us also. They thought that it was so funny that they had "reserved" seats! We kidded with them, one of the perks for knowing the Commander! It was very hard to say goodbye today to all of his Italian National workers and to his soldiers. They will always hold a special place in our hearts, always.

I had to tell two of my very close friends good-bye today as well. I will not see them again before we fly next Friday. It was hard to say good-bye, but I now that we will still be keeping in touch. It's never easy moving to new Installations, making friends and having them for a few years and then having to say good-bye. It never gets easy! But as I look over the past 15 years, God has put a lot of wonderful people in our lives that have made lasting impressions on our hearts.

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