Friday, October 31, 2008

Rain,Halloween,Florence and A Broken Rib

This morning we awoke to it still raining outside. I pray that it stops raining before all the kids on Post go Trick-or-Treating tonight. It is going to be a cold,nasty night if it keeps raining. But I think whether rain or snow, nothing is going to stop kids from that once a year Trick or Treating!

The Bookworm is going as a Pirate this year, he is so ready to go and get candy. The Princess is on her way to Florence! Yes people you read that right, she is on her way to Florence with our Chapel Youth Group;Club Beyond for a Middle School Retreat this weekend. She is so looking forward to it. It will be the last time that she will be with her friends before we move. So she left at 10 this morning for her trip. The Hubby is busy outprocessing and me, well, the Bookworm and I spent 2 hours in the Clinic this morning after we dropped off the Princess. The right side of my chest is hurting severly up where my sternum is, and it goes all around to my back. So, needless to say I am in a lot of pain. I dreaded having to lay down in the bed last night and then having to get up this morning, that is how bad it is. So, all said and done, broken rib! Yep, from being sick with Bronchitis and coughing! Broken rib!!!!!!!!!!!!! How fun is that to happen when we are in the processing of leaving! And this weekend the house has to be packed(suitcases) and cleaned. The Hubby is going to be doing a lot of it by himself, I can not pick up anything or even move without hurting! So the Doctor gave me percocet......oh yes, when I take that I am in no pain and out like a light! I am praying that with rest and with all of the medicines that I am now on that I am feeling much better in a few days. I surely do not want to be sick when we are on the plane flying back......not fun!

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Cheri said...

I'm praying for all of you!