Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Month that Flew By and A New Year

The Major has been gone for one month and that one month has surely flown by. We've still got eight more to go. The key is to stay busy, those that aren't familiar with military life and deployments do not understand that being busy helps with not missing your spouse as much because once you stop and sit, it gets lonely and you start to really miss the one that you love. We got an action packed month for the kids and I in January, we're starting the New Year with a BANG!! They both have Region Band Auditions, the Bookworm has another Wrestling Tournament and the Princess has her High School Pagent. Add regular School with their homework, tests, exams and studies, practices and lessons, the days fly quickly.

In a few hours, we'll be welcoming in another year......2012. Many will be making New Year's resolutions and as I have posted before, I do not believe in or make resolutions for new years. What I am doing is kicking habits that have worn me down for years out the front door of the Cottage! If it hits you when I throw them out, oh well, you should have ducked!

God has many things awaiting for us in the New Year. Things for us to explore, learn and wait for. Happy 2012 to you!

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