Thursday, December 15, 2011


Tonight, the kids willingly wanted to go to bed at 7:45. That just goes to show how busy our past two weeks have been! We haven't had a day to rest, tonight was the first night in two weeks where we haven't had something going on, tomorrow will be the same and I am looking forward to it. Saturday is gone before it starts and Sunday is Church, but Sunday afternoon will be enjoyable and relaxing when the kids and I go and see The Nutcraker! Oh, and tomorrow starts Christmas Break for the kids, sooo looking forward to sleeping in!

I finally heard from the Major today after not hearing from him for a few days. He has been really sick and has been on quarters. He said his fever was 103. He sounded really sick and tired when he called. Praying he is well soon! We sure do miss him around the Cottage.

Fun for me today was getting 11 viles of blood taken out of my arm! Yep, you read that right, 11 viles of blood! Last month I had a severe allergic reaction to something and it landed me in the ER. So now, I tote around in my purse by little pills to take when I start to itch. I've had allergy testing done and it showed that I wasn't allergic to anything. For the past week I have been off all of my medicine, along with not eating anything with red or orange dye, seafood, nuts and fruits. Didn't work because I had a reaction on Sunday and a small one on Monday. Today was my follow-up with my Doctor and while I was sitting waiting to see her I had another severe reaction. It was perfect timing because she was able to see it. So, next step was to take blood to see what in the world I can be allergic to and totally switching detergent in the house to a perfume free and dye free one! As for now, I'm praying that the blood tests reveal what I am allergic to.

For now it's bed and in 55 minutes the Bookworm will be 13 and I will officially have 2 teenagers in the Cottage :) This season of life is a blessing.

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