Thursday, December 8, 2011

Living for One Purpose

I was in car line the other day waiting to pick up the Princess from School when something dawned on me. What is our sole purpose of being here on this Earth? I mean, look around you, we have homes, go to work day after day, have a car, buy the things that we think that we need to "survive" and get get get. What is the purpose of all of that. I mean seriously, think about it, what are we accomplishing. Then throw in the ignoring people and it gets crazier! But what is our day to day, everyday life accomplishing? NOTHING! We know when we die, we leave everything behind. We can't take anything to the grave with us. So why does so much material "stuff" matter! Why must we sleep, go to work or even go to School? For one accomplish our mission. Our mission, if you are a Christian, is simple, to share Christ with EVERYONE. That means, your neighbors that live in the house by your house, your coworkers at your job, your friends at school, the people that bug you to death, and even family. Even that person that bugs you to death needs to know what Christ did for them, and even that family member that is very distant needs to know that not by works are we saved, but through Christ Jesus. Will you share even though you face the risk of rejection by family, friends, neighbors or coworkers? Jesus was ridiculed and rejected, yet He died for our sins. He loved us so much that He gave His life for us.

So today, I want you to think about the REAL reason that you live and why you continue to wake up every morning day after day.......

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