Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The four of us had a wonderful Easter. Easter was such a beautiful, sunny, warm day. Like every Sunday we went to Church to worship our Lord. It amazes me how people feel the "need" to go to Church on Easter when they don't go any other time that the Church doors are open! Really? Do you think that God just wants you to worship Him on Easter? Or Christmas? Hummmm..

After Church we went to my parent's home and enjoyed a nice lunch of grilled burgers and hot dogs. My parents had their pool uncovered so the Bookworm and the Major went swimming. It was too cool for the Princess and I to get it! Of course the kids had to ride their 4-wheelers and we ended the day with our annual Easter egg hunt. The winner: the Princess.

Thank you Lord for sending you Son to die for my sins. God I know You because YOU live within my heart!

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