Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break Thus Far

Officially our Spring Break started at 3:00 on Friday for the Bookworm and at 3:15 for the Princess. With that being said, the Princess had softball practice on Friday afternoon at 5:30, so we decided to meet the Major at Chili's for dinner at around 4:15 since he had to get off early and go pay the taxes on the new truck. It was a great family dinner laughing almost the whole time while we were eating, and for me the chronic constant bronchitis cough!! I am wondering if it is ever going to go away....on the bright side, my heels don't hurt :) And of course the day and night wouldn't have been complete without the Major working on his deck! Saturday, was our neighborhood yard sale. We were all up at 6 am putting out all of our "stuff", yep, "stuff". We had so much stuff that it covered the driveway and most of the front yard. Obviously people really wanted some of our stuff because we only had 5 small boxes of "stuff" left and one box of books to donate to our Town's Library :) We made a profit of $327.00!! Not too bad for getting up early and having nothing but "stuff" to get rid of and me, the Mom constantly coughing still with the bronchitis cough! URG!! And of course the day and night wouldn't have been complete without the Major working on his deck! Sunday morning and this Momma finds herself sick, still, so Mom decides to stay in bed while the Major, the Princess, and the Bookworm go to Church. Kudos to the Major for taking over and teaching my Middle School Sunday School Class. The rest of Sunday for everyone.....a day of rest :) Monday and the Major is off to work. The Princess, Bookworm and I sleep in, awe it felt nice to sleep alittle later than 6:20 am :) I decide that I can't stay in the house anymore, I have already been confined in the house sick for over a week now and I MUST GET OUT, I MUST ESCAPE!!! So, I load up the purse with mints and cough drops and we're off to the Movies to see "Diary of a Whimpy Kid". We had all seen the first one, so we thought lets go see the second one, plus the Bookworm loves reading the Whimpy Kid books. I coughed in the movie but not to badly, it was a good movie, then we ran a few errands and came home and crashed. Breakfast was made for dinner, the Major had been urging a BLT sandwich(which he got) and of course the day and night wouldn't have been complete without the Major working on the deck :) Today is Tuesday, and it was a Terrific Tuesday. I am still hanging onto the cough, it's not as bad as it was, but it is still lingering. Today the kids and I went to Post and went bowling. We played a game and then the Major met us there for lunch, after lunch the three of us bowled another game. It was a fun time had by all. Made me realize how much I miss Homeschooling the kids, I think they even miss it alittle too! So now, dinner is done and I am awaiting the arrival of the Major from work. The Bookworm has a friend over whom will be staying the night and the Princess has softball practice later this evening and while I am with her, you guessed it, the day and night wouldn't be complete without the Major working on his deck :)

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Paula Kathlyn said...

Hi! Are you guys still in Rucker? We are planning a move there and I found your blog :)