Friday, April 15, 2011

Innkeeper and Disciple Maker

If you are a stay at home Mom you may think of yourself as the following: Domestic engineer, Wife, Mom, taxi driver, tutor, cook/chef, maid, laundry cleaner, innkeeper, dog watcher, lunch maker, grocery buyer and menu maker. You could probably name some others, this is just a few ;0) Innkeeper? Yes, you keep the house going right? Right! Have you ever thought of yourself as a Disciple Maker? Well you are, you are a Disciple Maker. We are to teach and train our children to trust God. Deuteronomy Chapter 6 tells us how. 1. We are to first; Establish and live by God's standards. This means that we, as parents, are to know and obey the commands that God has given to us and to apply them in our lives. 2. We are to pass it on to future generations; We are to know and obey God's law and to be an example to our children so that they may know, learn and obey God's commands so that they can apply them to their lives, thus passing it on as well. 3. Know the need and be conviced of God's blessings; Children are a gift of God. Everything thing that we have is a blessing of God. When we apply God's teachings to our lives we will be blessed. 4. We must give our undivided attention to the Lord; We are to worship God and only God, not wealth or material things. In fact Jesus said that we are to love only one, Him or wealth(Matthew 6:24). We are to commit to and worship the Lord as a family. Your children will see that God is top priority. 5. We, as parents, must be devoted to God's Word; How many times during the week do you study and meditate on God's Word, the Bible? We(you) are fooling ourselves(yourself) if we(you) think that we(you) can raise Godly children without having a passion for God and His Word ourselves! Are you keeping God's Word fresh in your heart and mind? 6. We are to be committed to teaching our children; The father is responsible for diligently teaching his children(Deut. 6:7). Note that it doesn't say the Pastor, the friend, the neighbor, the elders, the Sunday School teacher, the teacher at school.....the father! Children observe their parents, and when they do this they are learning and we are teaching, teaching in an informal way. When we talk to our children and teach them diligently, we are provided formal teaching. 7. We are to display God's Word; If someone were to walk into your home right now, what would they find on your walls or lying around? Would they be able to tell that you are a Christian? We surround ourselves with things that we love. If we love God, shouldn't we want to show it, wouldn't we want to be surrounded by God's love? Of course we know that the best place to store God's Word is in our heart, therefore what is on our walls and in our homes should reflect your heart :) Great idea on getting devotions! Yes, it's that easy! Eat dinner together and right there at the table before anyone gets up or you start clearing the table have family devotion time together. There are many things that you can use or do. Bible story books, the Bible, songs, memorize verses, devotion books and prayer. Be creative because you are the DISCIPLE MAKER! Blessing to you and your FAMILY :)

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