Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Is Over?

Today is Marvelous Monday. Did you think that I should have said, Mad Monday? I probably should have, but to me, it's going to be marvelous! Spring Break is over? Yeah, for us Spring Break is over. I would have to say that the kids had a very wonderful Spring Break. I kept the kids busy and entertained. Everyday, we did something. We went to the movies, bowling on Post, got yogurt at our Town's yogurt shop, went and spent the day and night at my parent's home where the kids rode four-wheelers and the go-cart, then we left on Friday with the Major and we went to the Great Wolf Lodge getting back last night,Sunday night. We had a wonderful time. The kids had fun, it was our second time going to Great Wolf Lodge. The Major needed a break from work, I needed to get out of the house and the kids, well, they just needed to have a little fun :) I think that the kids would rate their Spring Break a 10 out of 10! A Marvelous Monday too because both kids were up and ready to go this morning. Usually the Princess is up before I go and get her up, and once I wake-up the Bookworm he usually sleeps for 15 more minutes, but this morning, he was up :) He'll get signed out early today so that I can take him to the Doctor for the cough that he has had for over a week now. I am still holding on to my cough too, although it is better, I still have it! So, today I want be able to do much outside since I have to take the Bookworm to the Doctor, looks like I will groom the dogs. I need to get the pine tar off of the Bookworm's dog Daisy that she got on her while she was at my Mom and Dad's while we were gone. So, a thought to leave you with for this Marvelous Monday: This weekend I finished the book I had been reading on my Kindle, so I downloaded another book called, "The Yadda Yadda Prayer Group". This book is really good so far, I recommend it. But here is what I want to leave you with.....have you ever thought about your purpose, yes, your purpose, what is your purpose in life and is God in it? Think about it....

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