Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Ugly

My last post was about the contract on our new home and the Captain's wreck that he was in and we were hoping that the car didn't get written off by the insurance.....not the "ugly", it happened, the insurance is not going to pay to get it fixed, but you know what, God has had a plan all along! All we were focused on was the fact that we were going to have to get another car with another car payment! But, after much prayer and thinking, we remembered that the day that the Captain had the wreck marked one year til our van is paid off. After having made that payment and this months payment on the van guess how much we owe on the van.......exactly the same amount that the insurance is giving us!!! God is good! So looks like the Captain will be getting that truck he has been wanting and the van will get paid off EARLY and we will have a lesser payment than the van, plus, we want have to use the Captain's promotion money when he gets promoted!! Thank you Lord!!!

On another note, it looks like things are continuing to fall in place with our new house. All of the paperwork with the bank is signed, our home inspection has been done, the VA appraiser was out yesterday! WOOHOO....so far looks like we are going to actually close on our closing date the 27th of October!! If we close then, that will be the first time that we have bought a house and closed on time!

So, if you havn't done so yet today......thank the Lord for his many many blessings in your life!

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