Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking on The WORLD

We're here! We arrived in Orlando yesterday afternoon. Today was a day of sightseeing and swimming before the big day tomorrow and Saturday morning when the Wildcat Archery Team will take on the WORLD at the ESPN Sports Complex at Disney World, talk about an honor!!

The Bookworm will be in the 3:30 flight tomorrow, so all of you sponsors and prayer warriors lift up some prayers for him at 3:30! Only shooters are allowed on the floor, so all of the chaperones will have to wait up in the stands and view the flights from there. Thank goodness that I remembered to bring my binoculars! I will def. be using them to see the Bookworm shoot!

Today was a good day, we are all tired, I am thankful that the Bookworm does not have an early flight time in the morning so that he can relax before he has to shoot. I bought him a gaterade tonight at the CVS by the Hotel so that he can get pumped with sugar before he shoots:) Not my idea, he wanted it, hey if that is what he needs to calm nerves and shoot his best, why not!

Thank you to all of you whom sponsored the Bookworm. He wore his shirt today with all of your names on it, he got so many compliments on it. If you own a business, we put your business e-mail address on the shirt, who knows, you may get some new clients!

I will get you posted..........go Bookworm and go Wildcats!

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