Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holding Out For The Long Haul

Well, we looked all day this afternoon after Church at houses. A few had the many things that we want in a house, but then there was always a few things that bothered us. Either the nieghbor was so-so or there was more room needed in the house. Long story short and 10 houses later, we decided to stay in the contract on the original house. We are stepping out on FAITH and praying that it will not take too long. Until then, thank you Dad, for letting the Captain borrow your truck! Why? Because we can not get any new line of credit until we close on the house. And, no using credit cards, except our bank card until we close. But that is okay because we didn't realy use our credit card anyway.

So, please keep praying that it want take too long on the house. It would be nice to be in it before Christmas, but if not we are fine where we are until it all happens on the house.

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