Friday, October 22, 2010

Thundering Thursday=Fabulous Friday(I hope)

Yesterday was quite some Thursday, around here we call it Thundering Thursday! Not that anything bad happened, just one little thing that we have been dealing with for well, about a month now, our new house........yeah, that, we found out some more info. last night. So we learned last weekend, that the lady that is selling the house never did take it to Probate when her husband died and her husband did not have a will. So, in order to move forward, she had to go to Probate, which she did on Wednesday. Well, here is the kicker, he had two sons, so now that have to get a disclosure from those two sons. We were told that there still was a possibility that we could close next week, well, as of last night that changed from 1-2 weeks to 30-45 days!! The Captain and I are going, WHAT! (Geeewheez)

So, now we are we hold out for 30-45 days, or do we find another house? Thing being we have until the end of the year(hopefully) to get out of this house. Do I want to be moving during the Holidays!!! No I do not! I want to be in a house and settled by....Thanksgiving. The Captain and I have been praying for the Lord to show us the way, to give us a peace about what we should do. If we pull out of the house, we will eventually have to take the owner to small claims Court to get our VA appraiser fee & Home Inspection monies back. I have no doubt that we would win since she put a house on the market to sell that isn't legally hers! Gee, never in my days did I think that something like this would happen. And this prolongs our buying a new truck for the Captain as well, as we can not open any new credit or buy anthing on credit until we close! We're praying, we know that God has a plan, we just don't see it yet.

On another note, The Captain will no longer be a Captain as of January 1st!! Hurray!! The Captain will turn to Major!!'s been a lonnnnnnnggggg wait!

So today is Friday, and I am praying that it will be fabulous. The kids have a half day and get report cards today. The Princess has a Doctor appt. this afternoon, so I will pick her up from Band Practice early. Her throat has been hurting for two weeks now, she was on antibiotic, but it did not help, I am thinking that it is her tonsils :( Tonight, who knows what we will do, maybe rent a movie from the redbox.

Tomorrow....busy....the Princess has the Upper State Band Competition tomorrow and we will being going to see her and the Band march. Say a prayer, if they place and get a Superior, they move on to the Finals which will be held next Saturday, although the Princess has mixed emotions about it. She wants to place, but yet, she wants to be able to enjoy the Halloween weekend too! If they place, then she will have to miss hanging out at our Church's Trunk or Treat next Saturday and a bonfire that one of her friends is having. Humm

So, off I go to get ready to start my day, the Bookworm will be out of school in about and hour :)

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