Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Good, The Bad(and we hope not the Ugly)

We have had a lot of things going on in our household lately, of course we always do, but this week has been alittle, different. The Captain is pretty sure that we will be able to stay here and retire, oh happy day!! Of course we know that he will probably have to deploy one more time before that, but we are fine with that, we have a great support system here where we live.

So the good, is that we signed a contract on a home this past week! We are all four so excited!!! Oddly enough, it is the house that is right in the back yard of this house! So the move will be easy, although it has been yearsssss since we have moved ourselves, we are use to the Military moving us. But we will have a whole month to take our time and move, so we should be fine. The kids are looking forward to painting their bedrooms before we move in, can't wait, so exciting!!! So we will be celebrating the Holidays in OUR own home this year! And this home is def. the house that we are wanting to retire in, a house where the kids can come back to, and a house where the Captain and I can grow old together :)

Now for the bad! On Monday the Captain was in a wreck on Post. A lady flew through a stop sign and hit him. Praise the Lord that he was not hurt!! However, the car wasn't so lucky! The lady was at fault, and a MP saw the whole thing happen. The car had to get towed on a wrecker to the Body Shop, and the Captain has a rental car. Another praise is that the lady has the same insurance as us!!

We hope that we will not have the ugly.....they may total out the car. Wouldn't you know that it's the car that is paid for! We hope that it is not totaled out, we really do not want another car payment. The Van will be paid off in a year(from Monday when the wreck happened)! I will drive my van until it rots! I love my van! So, if the car is totaled, we will probably get the Captain a truck, thank the Lord that he will probably get promoted the end of this year! Although, a car payment is NOT how we wanted to spend his promotion :( So, we will see, I am sure that we will find out today.

So, moral to the story, do not forget to thank God everyday for your many blessings, because things can change in a blink of an eye!

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