Monday, October 18, 2010


Today felt really strange not having to work on classes for school! It is nice to be finished with my Bible and Philosophy classes, the only one that I am still taking is a Math class, it will be done the end of the year, but it is a great class and only requires about two hours a week :) I should have "A's" in both of those classes!!! Today was just strange not knowing what to do....the laundry I did on Thursday, and the house is clean! I had a Dr. appt this morning, and then I went and ran a few errands and met the Captain for lunch. Then I stopped at McDonald's and got my favorite of all favorites.....a caramel frappe! Yummy!! My appt. went well today, it was just a well woman check up, I go back to my thyroid Dr. in December. I can't wait because I want to see if my levels are up any. I feel a small amount of improvement, but not much. If my heels would stop hurting I would be feeling really good, but they hurt all the time. They hurt so bad that when I am sitting and I know that I have to get up and walk, I dread it! They hurt so so so bad. Then there is also the clearing of my cough is gone, but the clearing is a pain, and of course it comes in droves. In all, I give God the glory that my Doctor found out what was wrong with me, and now it is just a waiting game of getting regulated on my medicine. It was quit strange today filling out paper work and have to put down that I have a disease. Humm, strange, very strange.

So, today I am bored! The Bookworm is home from school, the Princess is at Band practice. The Captain should be home in about an hour. I have on the menu to cook for tonight, Mexican. Rice, beans, and soft tacos.

Today's post is just a bunch of rambling..........but don't worry I have plenty to blog about later from the Deacon, Pastor and Spouse Conference that the Captain and I went to this past weekend.

Today's Monday, start your week by praising God, and glorify His name throughout your week:)

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