Sunday, October 31, 2010


We had a wonderful and spooky Halloween! We decked our house out as usual with ghosts in the windows, tombstones in the front, and our witch that made a crash landing into the ground by her cauldron. Spooky...
We started out our evening by deck out the van as a "hippie" van and we participated as a family with Trunk or Treat at our Church. We had a great time and we had over 100 kids come through. We had flower that I had made out of bright colored paper, and ribbons hanging all in the van, plus our parachute that added some color as a blanket. We also had our bubble machine going. Our hippie van went along with the theme for me and the Captain this year. We dressed up as PEACE and QUIET. It was fun. I dressed up as QUIET and the Captain dressed up as PEACE. I have to admit that I did a pretty good job on his costume, he looks like a real hippie with long hair and the clothes! Our dog was a Clown, even though she could have passed as a Jester. She went with us and sat on my lap the whole time while we passed out candy, she was so good! The Princess went as a Love Bug, and the Bookworm went as a USC Fan. We had a great time together as a family. Now, on to thinking about what we are going to be for next year. I think that we will go with a theme for the whole family, even Sandy, our dog!
After Trunk or Treat we came home and the kids went around our neighborhood with some friends from Church Trick or Treating, while I passed out the rest of the candy that we had left. It was a great night, and all of our candy was passed out! Of course in our neighborhood that is not uncommon because we are the most popular neighborhood in our town to Trick or Treat in.

Hope that you had a Fabulous and Spooky Halloween :)

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