Monday, August 2, 2010

August is Off With A Bang

Today is the first Monday in August and for the Princess this means that start to Band Camp for the next two weeks from 1-9. At least she still gets to keep sleeping in for a few more weeks! She is looking forward to starting Band Camp today, it will be exciting when the Captain( there are several people at Church that call the Hubby Captain, so I think I'm going to start calling him that, plus, all of his Italian workers in Italy called him Captain too or Capitano) and I pick her up tonight and she tells us how her day went. Today marks the start of her High School years, boy, can't believe that our Princess is in the 9th grade, time truly does fly by and we are enjoying every moment with our two children!

The Bookworm and I are going to go and enroll him for fall Soccer today. He loves soccer, it's his favorite sport to play, besides Archery. I love to see him do both, he is very talented at both! He begins Band this's hard to believe that he is a 6th Grader in Middle School this year. He is most certainly ready for Middle School, he has matured and grown a lot over the Summer.

I thank God for the children that HE has blessed the Captain and I with!

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