Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day Three of School

Today is day 3 of a new school year. Monday was the first day, the Princess's first day of High School, 9th grade and the Bookworm's first day of Middle School, 6th grade. They both had very good first days. The Captain and I took the kids on their first day and I picked them up. Needless to say I was quite surprised when neither of them came home with a list of more things needed for school :) Although the Bookworm came home with a headache, he had a good first day :)

Day two of school was another good day. I dropped the Bookworm off at the path in our neighborhood and he walked, and then I took the Princess to school. The Bookworm walked home from school and he had a wonderful day, got his first homework assignment which is a project for Science that is due next Tuesday and he is studying for a Band test that is tomorrow(Thursday). The Princess had a full day, school from 8-3:15, and then Marching Band Practice from 4-6:30. I picked her up and we were home alittle after 7. Then it was dinner for the family and I had some forms to read and sign for the Princess from her teachers, she did some homework and then it was alittle computer time for her and then baths and bed. Tuesday was a good day!

Today is day three and I am praying that the kids have another wonderful day. The Bookworm went back to sleep after I woke him up this morning so he had 15 minutes to get up and get dressed, he'll have to eat breakfast at school. The Princess is always good about getting up when I wake her! No Marching practice for her today, so I will pick her up when school is out at 3:15, then it is home ,dinner and then Church.

For me, it feels strange in the house now that the kids are back in school! I am having to adjust and get into a new schedule which includes dropping them off at school, coming home, doing my Wii Fit, eating breakfast and then throwing a load of wash in while I tidy up alittle and do things that I need to do for my classes. Yep, that's right, I am taking 3 classes this Term, and they start on Monday, so I am trying to get ahead! So I am one busy Mama between my classes, the kids and their school work, mraching band practice and games on Fridays and Competitions on Saturdays, and the Bookworm gets his soccer schedule with games and practices next week! BUSY BUSY BUSY, but that is how we like it, and we are still able to fit family time and family dinner in as well. Can't believe that there are families that NEVER eat together or that just grab their food and eat where-ever they want to in the house, it's sad if you ask me, and what about praying over your dinner......can't stand that either when people do not pray over there dinner and thank God for their meal and for so many other blessings that HE has given to us.

If you have kids I pray that they have a wonderful and blessed year.

[Oh yeah, and don't forget that this is my blog and if you don't like or agree with some of the things that I say.......then you don't have to read it or visit my blog :) ]

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