Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shopping Deals and Band Camp

Monday was a fun, yet busy day in our household! The Princess started Band Camp and the Bookworm and I had several places to run once we dropped her off for Band Camp. Our run consisted of 3 different Stores, I was so excited about my savings that I had to post them! Even the Boookworms jaw dropped when he saw my savings at each Store!

First stop was CVS, and if you haven't "shopped" CVS then I encourage you to do so! CVS is my favorite store and who can go wrong when you get free "bucks" back to use on your future purchases! So here goes!

Transaction #1

1 Gilette Fusion Proglide at 9.79 Had Coupon for 4.00= 5.79

1 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste at 1.99 Had Coupon for .75= 1.24

Used 2 CVS bucks that I had from a previous purchase

Total Cost: 5.78

Plus I got 5 CVS Bucks back!!!!

Transaction #2 at CVS3 Ragu Pasta Sauces: 3/$5.00 Had (2) .60 cents coupons

3 Skippy Peanut Butter: 3/$5.00 Had (2) .40 cents coupons

Plus 1 Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews for the Bookworm that I forgot to add to pic.: .89 cents

Used my 5 CVS Bucks that I received from my first transaction.

Total out of pocket cost: $4.00!!!!!!!!!!

Next stop on our 3 Store Tour was Kroger

Here is what we purchased:

1 Pro-Health Crest Mouthwash @ 4.79: Had a coupon for 4.00 off

1 Bounty 2 pack paper towels @ 2.99: Had a coupon for .50 cents which double to 1.00

2 Gillette Clear Gel Deoderents @ 4.59 Each: Had two coupons for 2.00 each which = 4.00

2 Downy Fabric Softeners @ 4.99 Each: Had two coupons for 1.00 each which = 2.00

Plus Kroger had a Procter and Gamble promotion going on: If you buy 4 participating items you got $4.00 off!

My total before all my coupons and the 4.00 promotion: $32.31

Total Coupons and Promotion Deal: $23.80

Total Out of Pocket: $8.51

Not only was I amazed,plus the Bookworms jaw was hanging to the floor, but the cashier was also floored and said what a great deal! I told her WOW, yes it is!

Our 3rd Store and Final Stop was Bi-L0

Bi-Lo is a great Store also and every once in awhile they will have their family Mega Meal Deal. I thought that this Mega Meal Deal was worth getting and putting in the freezer, so that I would have a ready meal to go on one of those busy nights!

The deal: Buy 1 Red Baron Frozen Pizza and 1 Red Barron Frozen Pasta and get a Mayfield Ice Cream, Mrs. Smith's Cobbler, Frozen Garlic Breadsticks and a 2 liter Coke product FREE! So here is how it went.

Red Baron Pizza $6.99: Had Coupon for 1.00 off

Red Baron Pizza $6.99: Had Coupon for 1.00 off

Mayfield Ice Cream $4.39 = FREE

Breadsticks $2.36 = FREE

Mrs. Smith's Cobbler $5.19 = FREE

Two liter Sprite $1.79 = FREE

Total Before deductions: $27.85

Coupons and FREE items: $15.73

TOTAL Out of Pocket: $12.12

I was a happy Mom with all of my purchases today because I knew that I had saved our family a TOTAL of $66.52!!! With a little couponing, looking at my sale papers and a little time I saved a bundle! I can't imagine going shopping and not having a list of exactly what I need, having fully researched the sale papers and having cut my coupons! The money I saved can go towards something else in our family.........hummm that something else is actually going to be someone else, the Princess and her $300.00 Band fees!

And speaking of Band and the Princess. She had a wonderful first day of Band Camp yesterday. When we picked her up after our Band Parent meeting she couldn't stop talking about her day and when I say day I really mean DAY, she is at Band Camp from 1-9:30 at night! She was also excited about being picked to play the piccolo, considering that she is a Freshman. Also, Mom and Dad were pretty excited when we were told that all parents were welcome to look in the band uniform room at the slightly used marching shoes and if you thought a pair would work for your child that you could take them! Well, I along with some other Moms that I knew went and looked and I found a 8 1/2 pair of marching shoes that looked brand new! Saved $30.00 right then and there! They fit the Princess and now we do not have to pay $30.00 for Marching shoes!

Got any good savings to pass along? If so, I love to know!

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