Thursday, August 12, 2010

Give Alittle

What ever happened to the saying treat others as you would like to be treated? I don't think that many even know what that means. I was raised that you treat others in such a way that you would want them to treat you. Hummm.....

Life is full of so many surprises, everyday there are new ones, be it morning, noon, or night! Why is it that so many people are wrapped up with themselves? They don't even take consideration of others, it's their way or no way because to them their way is the only way! Got news for you people, you need to learn to give alittle. Life doesn't revolve around one person and their ways. Life is full of many people, with many different views and ways. And 9 times out of 10, it's full of compromising and giving alittle.

Have you ever met a person that just cares about theirself? Do they seem happy to you? I find that most people that are self-centered obviously just care about themself, but they are also grumpy, not happy, depressed, not fun to be around, and generally act happy but deep down they are not. What do you do about it? Be nice to them, talk to them, and give alittle. Yeah, give alittle, but when you have given alittle and given alittle and given alittle and you are never given alittle in return you eventually get tired of given alittle. So what do you do.....stop given alittle. Take the negative out of your path and pray. Give it to Jesus.

Here is a thought to ponder: WHO YOU ARE is more impressive than what you make, what you have, what you do, or what title you carry.

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