Monday, August 9, 2010

One Week and Summer Is Over

One week from today and School starts, in our family that means that Summer is officially over. It is hard to believe that the kids will both be moving up and entering new schools and new phases of their lives this year. The Princess will be in the 9th Grade, a freshman in High School and the Bookworm will be in the 6th Grade at Middle School. It seems like just yesterday I was taking them to their first day of 3K!

So if the kids are entering a new phase in their lives, that means that the Captain and I are entering a new phase in ours. We are not by any means complaining either! We had both of our children when we were in our early twenties, and we are so glad that we did. Now we are both thirty-five and we are still young enough to do the many things that our kids enjoy doing, we aren't old and we don't feel old! It's nice being the age that we are and having kids who are 14 and 11(soon to be 12). It's been so amazing being the Princess and the Bookworm's Mom(or Mama as they call me), I wouldn't trade being there Mama for anything else in the world! God has wonderful things instore for our children, and the Captain and I are so happy to be apart of it!

As we sit and talk about, or even think about the future, the Captain and I find ourselves saying," hey, remember when we first joined the Army, remember when we were just stationed at Fort Rucker in Alabama thinking that retirement from the Army seemed like a million years away." Well, now, those million years away are only 3 1/2 years way. It's hard to believe we are so close to the day when the Captain can retire from the Army. Where will we retire, probably exactly where we are living now, we love it here. There are so many advantages to living and staying where we are. We have a wonderful Church family, the kids have many wonderful friends, and we love the kids' schools, plus my parents are only 1 hour and 1/2 away which is really nice and the Captain and the Bookworm go hunting there, which they love. God has blessed us and we will continue to put him first in our home and our lives, because we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Something for you to think about.......when have you reflected back into your "younger" years, were there goals that you set, where are those goals now, have you fulfilled them, what's something that you've always wanted to do but never have? What are you waiting for, get up and GO!

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