Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hashimoto's Disease

This past week has been a very busy week, I have been in the Doctor's office every day this week. I have been sick since January and have been on almost every type of medicine. My Doctor thinking that I had bronchitis, sinus, reflux, asthma, etc. After being on many types of medication and having had a spirometry test, upper GI, and ultrasound of my thyroid the Endocronologist diagnosed me with having Hashimoto's Disease, this is a disease of the thyroid. Because the ultrasound of my thyroid showed a nodule, the Doctor wanted me to get a nuclear thyroid scan done. So after having a nuclear scan of my thyroid(which the picture above shows where the more nuke stuff was injected in me), the Doctor wasn't sure about how the nodule looked, so I will go for further blood tests this week and then on the fourteenth I will have a biopsy done on my thyroid.
Many have asked how I am staying so calm about everything and why I am not stressed. My answer to them has been because this has been going on since January with me and I have not known what the problem or name of the problem is that I have been having. Now I have an answer and know what is wrong with me and I have a diagnosis. God answered my prayer of wanting to find out what is wrong with me, and in His time I got my answer. Now I am just keeping my faith in God and my eyes on Him. I am taking it one day at a time and whatever the outcome is on the fourteenth, we'll take it one step at a time.
God is good and even when things my hurt us or bring us down, HE is always there beside us and HE will never leave us.
So as you say your daily prayers lift up a prayer for me, and I'll also say a prayer for you :)

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