Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Officially Summer at The Cottage

Today is the official start of Summer at our Cottage. The kids and I actually got to sleep in.........it felt wonderful!!

We took the day easy and decided to go pick strawberries at a local Strawberry Farm. Just the three of us went and we enjoyed it, we had fun. We picked two big buckets full! Actually we picked one bucket full first, then we decided why not pick another one! I put up 6 freezer bags of sliced strawberries and four bags of whole strawberries up in the freezer. Yet, I also had enough left to just eat!! The strawberries are so yummy and juicy, no sugar is needed.

Tomorrow, tomorrow is the second day of Summer at the Cottage what are we going to do? Well, the Major has a class graduating, so we may go and watch his class graduate, it'll get us out of the house and who knows, we may go to lunch afterwards :)

Hope that you are taking advantage of your Summer and if your a SAHM(stay-at-home-Mom) like me, take time with your kids, spend time with them, don't let them veg or sleep all day, get up and get moving!

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