Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Thus Far.....

Summer thus far at the Cottage has been quite busy, but it has been a good busy. This week we are helping with VBS at our Church. Our family is in charge of Recreation, it's been fun doing the Recreation part of VBS, I think we'll stick with it and do it every year!

We're gearing up for our family vacation, it will be nice to getaway for a while and just concentrate on us, our family. It's hard for people to understand how it is during a deployment, I get tired of trying to explain it, unless you've been through one, you have no clue! I could keep writing about this subject, but I don't want to, on to another.....

I picked my first tomato out of my garden today. It's exciting when you see the harvests of your hard work! I have put lots and lots of hours into my garden. I enjoy gardening, it's my passion.

I also love my children and the Major. I don't look forward to the Major leaving, my heart will be half empty when he is gone. In a month from now, we'll be on the countdown and I am not looking forward to it. But I do plan on staying very busy!!

For now I wish you a fun summery day :) Go make some memories!!

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