Monday, May 16, 2011

Out Live Your Life

Outlive Your Life (Hardback)

Can we out live our life? The answer is...yes. How? Simple, by making a difference. God made us to make a difference. Sure we are going to live forever and out live our life if we are a Christian because God has promised us Heaven as our eternal home. What I'm talking about is here on earth. We can out live our life here on earth as well.

We as Christians are to reach out to others in need. We were commanded to love thy neighbor as thyself. Well, lets face it, there is a whole globe full of people, we are not to only love thy neighbor, but everyone else in the world as well.

Think about it: what was the last thing that you held in your hands the past 24 hours? I'll tell you what I've had in mine; money, food, fresh vegetables from my garden, clean clothes, a warm cup of coffee, a cold glass of water, a brush, a toothbrush & toothpaste, a bar of soap, a warm washcloth, the steering wheel to my van, the handle to the stove and refridgerator. You get the picture, right? Now.....think about those in the world that have never held those items in their hands and never will.

We as Christians should be rockin' our world with Christ's love. We are to reach out and help others and we can start right in our own neighborhood and community. Scared you say? Walk by faith and not by sight. Don't be afraid to start rockin' your part of the world showing Christ's love through you! Put some miles on those shoes of yours, and some dirt on those hands and start getting busy doing what we were made to do!

Think of ways, creative ways, to get out and help those less fortunate than yourself. Think of ways to reach children and adults. Widows, the disabled, seniors and orphans too. Get those engines going, it not too late to out live your life!

Did you ever dream of changing the world? It's not to late!

(I invite you to get the Bible study "Out Live Your Live" by Max Lucado)

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