Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Cottage.....Finally

It seems as if I have been living in the road lately, and when I say lately, I mean the past 2 1/2 weeks! Between the Princess and the Orthodontist and the Bookworm and I at Doctor appts., I have lived in the road! Today is the first day that I have been home, and I want have to go anywhere until I pick up the Princess from School and then Church tonight.

So finally this morning I was able to go outside at around 8 and work around the cottage and the gardens and pull weeds. Finally!! I have had severe withdrawls from not being able to go outside and work in the yard and my garden! I love being outside, but now I have to start paying alittle more attention as to when I go outside......

Monday I had allergy testing done and I was not allergic to anything, which is a good thing. But, still, there was one more test to do to see why I have a cough that want go away when I get sick. So, yesterday I had a test done to see if I truly have asthma like the Bookworm. I had a breathing test done where they give you medicine to see if an asthma attack is triggered. On the third dose my chest started feeling tight and I started feeling really light headed. That was all of the test that I had to do, I didn't have to go up to step 5 because I had now tested positive for asthma. Finally I have some answers on why I always can't get rid of a cough and why somethimes I have a hard time breathing while I am coughing!

Through all of the not knowing and the testing I have kept my faith in God and have had patience in waiting. What good would it have done to not have faith or patience! We are to trust God with everything!

So, this morning I was outside and got all of the weeding done around the back of the Cottage and around our shed and in both of our gardens, I even hoed the gardens too! But for me, early morning and late afternoon are now the times where I can go outside and work and not get too overheated and start coughing. Praise the Lord that I wasn't allergic to grass or weeds or something else that is outside because I don't know what I would do then because I love being outside!

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