Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall and Apple Picking

This past Saturday we made our yearly trip to North Carolina to pick apples. Since it was the only Saturday that we have free for two months, we headed to Grandad's!(apples that is) This year it of course was warmer last year. Last year we went in October and it was cold, we had on coats and hats and gloves, this year we had on shorts! What a huge difference, never the less, we had a wonderful time!

We enjoyed picking the apples, from the apple trees, and we picked three different varieties. Two of the kinds that we picked are great for baking, and the other for snacking! I will most definately have to make a homemade apple pie this week(sometime when I am free)! We of course took Sandy our English Coker with us, she goes most every where that we go, especially now with the weather getting a tad bit cooler. She enjoys being with the fam and going on road trips with us. We even used a wagon at Grandad's to put her in! I'll attach a picture of her in it, it was too cute!
We also enjoyed the corn maze that they have. It is fun to do as a family and it is a nice team building exercise to do together. Last year we found all of our five points, this year we found all five of our points but we went one step further and found them all in order too!(this from NO thought of our own, it just happened to happen that way)!!

It was a great day trip we wonderful family memories that were made and that we'll remember together for the rest of our lives. So as you read this I hope that you are thinking of ways that you and your family can make a memory, and enjoy some fun together!

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