Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night Football

Our Friday nights have been taken over by High School Football. Actually, I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday evening than with the Captain, and the Bookworm at the Princess's High School watching her march in the Band and seeing her School's Football Team play!

This is the first Friday night in 3(or 4) weeks that we have not been at a game. Tonight is an away game, so the Band did not go, instead they had practice due to them having their first Competition tomorrow! Go Marching Pride!!!
We are so very proud of the Princess, she looks like a natural on the field marching, I tell her she does so well because she took tap for 10 years! She had to learn so many different moves for tap and then put them all together in routines for recitals, so I believe that is what makes marching and playing her flute/piccolo so easy for her.

So a break tonight, but next week we'll be at it again! And what does the Bookworm like to do at the games??????????? Hang out with his "3 girlfriends" pictured above and go the Consession stand! :)

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