Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Summer Summer Time

Summer time is a time in our family that we all four look forward to. It's a time for the kids to sleep in and do what they want to do: hang out in pajamas all day, eat breakfast at lunch time, play video games or hang out on the computer, read, swim, hang with friends, watch movies....Summer is a time to enjoy!

Our favorite part about Summer is picking a place to go to on vacation that we have never gone before. This year we can't wait til we go on our vacation, no I am not telling you where we are'll have to wait!

Another fun part is having people over to our home and entertaining, be it grilling out or eating a meal in which I have prepared, or having guests over to spend a few days with us, be it family or friends or the kids' friends. Family and friends know that they are welcome at any time! We enjoy visits!

Thank you Lord for making four seasons. You knew that Spring is cool and that we would be ready for warmer weather, hince Summer, then we have Fall, which you knew that we would want cooler weather again, and then Winter....not sure about wanting colder weather, but it is nice to see snow whenever we are privelaged to have it fall in our area. Lord, you know exactly what we need at exactly the right moment, Your moment, thank you Lord for all of your blessings!

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