Friday, July 23, 2010

Respect and Manners

Today the Bookworm had a check-up with his asthma Doctor......we were in and out in 20 minutes, that's how well he's doing! Plus the Doctor lowered his meds again, nice! On the way back we pulled into one of my favorite pick up toothpaste, which I only had to pay 49 cents for since it was regular 4.99 on sale for 2.99 and I had a 50 cent coupon plus 2 dollars in CVS bucks! AWESOME deal! Anyhow, on the way from CVS to home I saw two police cars with hazard lights on and then I saw a hearse behing them, so I pulled over, as did the two cars in front of me and the one behind me. The kids asked if people pulled over for Granny Granny and Grangrad when we had their funeral, and I told them yes. Yes, that people pull over when they see a funeral procession out of respect for the family. Time I finished saying that a car flew by all of us that were stopped. The kids both at the same time said,"how rude, they surely did not show repect!" I told them that they were right, that that car didn't. Once all cars had passed that were part of the funeral we continued on our way, in which we caught up to the car that flew by us, wow, he sure didn't get very far!

The Hubby and I try to instill proper etiquette and mannerisms into our kids, and the number one thing is to lead by example. Ma'am and Sir are a big thing in our home, to the Hubby and I it shows respect. Although mostly a southern thing some people may think, it doesn't matter to us, it shows repect and manners. The hubby and I to this day, especially with the elder more mature people in our Church, call them Ma'am and Sir. Our children notice this and they follow. Another thing that is important to us is calling the more mature adults,and by mature I mean the older,by their last name. We do not agree with children calling older adults by their first name, not matter if they put Mr. or Mrs. in front of it. Showing repect and having manners is using the person's last name and adding Mr. and Mrs. to it. I remember plenty of times when I was growing up that my parents received lots of compliments on the mannerisms that my brother and I had, and today I receive those compliments about my children.

One other thing that we find very important is "thank you" cards or notes. It is amazing how many people do not send thank you cards. Our children know how important it is to tell people that gave you something, had you over for dinner or did something very nice for you, thank you. Sometimes a simple saying thank you isn't enough, so a letter or card is a good thing to do, and not to give it personally, but mail it. I find that people today do everything by e-mail, and when you do stuff my e-mail, it's not the same as sending it via US Mail with a stamp! So many people avoid calling people or sending letters and just turn to e-mail, what happened to picking up a pen and paper, buying a stamp, or just picking up a telephone? As of right now, the Princess is working on her thank you cards for the gifts that she received for her birthday. Sending a thank you card lets the person know that you put a lot of thought into writing a thank you, just as they put thought into what they did for you :)

As parents, we lead by example, and our children watch everything that we do, and hopefully you and I are doing what is right because they will act and follow. And when we put God first in our lives and in our family's life, how can we go wrong!

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