Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grocery Shopping

This afternoon the kids and I went and got groceries. I really do not like to grocery shop, but I am not going to complain, it has to be done. I spent all day yesterday making my list and looking at my saver place on line to find the best deals and what coupons I needed to use. Today I went to Publix. I am not very keen on Publix but I decided what the heck and went to Publix since they had a pretty good sale going on.

Their pretty good sale turned out to be over 275dollars at the register, minus all of my coupons and BOGO(buy one get one) items turned out to be a grand total of.....165 dollars! I saved over 110 dollars! The kids were even amazed! When the Hubby came home from work and we sat down to eat dinner, how much I saved at Publix was the first thing that came out of both of their mouths, the Hubby was shocked as well and very pleased. And if anyone has any doubts on my saving, I have the receipt to show you!!!

So want to know my new secret at saving a bundle on our groceries, and I have to admit that I am a CVS queen now too.....I love CVS, go to and check out Jenny and her site, you'll be amazed and if you live close to where I live, you need to go to one of her seminars, only 10 dollars and so totally worth it!

So go ahead, buy those Sunday papers, clip those coupons, read those sale papers and get those fantastic and great deals for your family and save a ton of money.......and who cares if people behind us in the grocery store turn their heads when they see you or me hand the cashier our coupons because honestly, I don't care, it doesn't offend me, it just makes me know that I did exactly what I intended to do in the first place, save my family money!

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