Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Week of School and A Four Day

Well, this is the last week of school for the kids! The last week of Middle School for the Princess and the last week of Elementary for the Bookworm. This year is a mild-stone in both of their lives(and Mom and Dad's). Friday it will all be over at 11:00....then we will be right into a Holiday Weekend. I enjoy long weekends when the Hubby has four days off, thanks Uncle Sam:)

As I type it is raining, it was down pouring, but now it is just a few drops. We are all praying that it storms more so that the Princess's softball game gets canceled. She is ready for softball to be over, it's not quite as fun when you have terrible coaches! She loves softball and wants to try out for the High School JV team this coming up year.

Dinner is ready and sitting on the stove, the Hubby called and said that he is on his way home. The Bookworm is upstairs on the computer playing the game that he loves to play on it. Me, well, today has been busy with taking the Bookworm for his final allergy testing and seeing the Doctor for his asthma. We're praising God that he is not allergic to anything and that he is doing so well with his asthma that the Doctor is lower his inhaler "steroid" dose. YEAH!!! If he continues to do well, he will totally come off of the highter steroid inhaler to the lower one! Thank you Lord, you are wonderful!

After the Doctor I took the Bookworm and signed him into School, ran a few errands and then made my way back to his School to take individual pictures of the entire 5th grade. They will use their pictures for a craft that they will be making on Wednesday.

I looked at our Summer calendar today and realized that this weekend officially starts Summer and that our Summer is full! We have a wonder vacation planned that ensures to be fun, while we go to a place where we havn't been yet. The kids will both being doing Summer Mission and Church Camps this Summer as well and the Princess will be taking a 5 week Summer Enrichment class which she is looking forward to do. Me, I plan on taking it one day at a time and having no agenda except on the days that need one! I am sure that our days will be full of sun, fun, swimming, four-wheeler riding, reading, sleeping in late, catching a couple of matinee movies, meeting Dad for lunch once a week, going to Carowinds to ride rides and to enjoy their Water Park with our season passes, going to the Library, having friends over, and grilling. And of course my most favorite thing....sitting in our swing in the backyard in the late evening enjoying a cup of coffee with my Hubby.
The above picture is our family on Easter Sunday.

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