Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's An "A" Thing

Today was The Bookworm's 5th grade Candlelight Breakfast and Awards Ceremony at School this morning. We enjoyed a nice breakfast with him(and yes it was by candlelight) and then they presented a few awards. The Bookworm received a medallion for missing less than 3 days of School for the year. Afterwards, we returned to his classroom where his teacher gave more awards. The Bookworm received a total of 12 awards! He received certificates for the following: Yearly Average of All A's, Overall Highest Average for Boys, Highest Yearly Average in His Science Class and Math Class and Social Studies Class, Outstanding Progress in ELA, Recorder Karate Master, Archery State and National Tournament Certificates, Morning Workout Award, Safety Patrol, and Science Award! We are so very proud of him! I had tears in my eyes, he is growing up and is now on his way to Middle School this Fall.

I also received a certificate and a gift for being The Bookworm's Class's Homeroom Mom for the year. The Homeroom Mom's ended the year by having a 5th grade cookout today, and it turned out very well. Thank you Lord for beautiful weather and an awesome day!

Now off to The Princess's softball tournament!
(The above pictures are of The Bookworm and his teacher, Mrs. Hatcher and of Noah with his medallion.)

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