Thursday, May 27, 2010


For the past few weeks I have had another case of bronchitis. My Doctor told me last week that if I wasn't better with my cough this week to come back this week, so I did, this morning. Although my doctor couldn't see me, the one that did has helped! YEAH!! After me getting a chest X-ray it appears that my lungs aren't getting the full capacity of air that they should. I go for a pulmonary test next week, but the ruling seems to be that I have asthma. She gave me an albuterol inhaler and said that if I can start breathing better, it is safe to say that I probably have asthma. I did the first take of it earlier, and my cough has almost completely gone away! Thank you Lord! Maybe I will be able to sleep tonight without coughing!(although she did give me more robitussin with codiene and it is a higher dose than I have been taking the past two weeks!)

Thank you Lord for Doctors and for Doctors that care and know their field!

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