Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God's Hands

The Hubby called this morning after he got to work telling me of about the sudden passing of a friend of ours. I was shocked to hear the news. We had met him and his family when we were stationed in Italy, they had just recently last Fall moved back to the States themselves. I was really good friends with his wife and we served on the Board together for PWOC and kids were the same ages and the Hubby coached the kids' soccer team with him right before we moved. I look at the picture of the kids' team from that year and it makes me said. There were three coaches on the team that year, one being my Hubby, the other being Tom(whom just passed), and the other being Doug whom died earlier this year. They all three had talked about coaching together, and they had fun doing it. The Hubby had just seen Tom last week while he was down, so sad. I pray that God wraps this family in His mighty hands and holds them very close. As of today, their lives will never be the same.

Are you ready? God does not promise us tomorrow or the end of today, if you died right now where would you go? Is everything in order? Is your ticket punched for heaven or hell?

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