Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year....2010

Today is the first day of a new year....2010. My day couldn't be better, we are spending the afternoon as a family hanging out at our home. As I type this the Hubby is building a fire in the fireplace while the Bookworm helps, the Princess is sitting on the couch as we watch a show on TV. Later we will have a "traditional" New Year's Day meal of pork, beans, bread and greens. So I will be cooking fried pork chops, field peas, homemade from scratch cornbread and collards. Yummy to the tummy!

The Christmas decorations were taken down this week on Wednesday, so bad luck or good luck, we don't believe in that! Some say take them down before the New Year, other's say take it down after. We've done both and in Europe we left our decorations up until the Europeans did, which was the 7th of January.

Resolutions.....I don't make these, why, people make resolutions all the time and then they break them or don't fullfill them. If you want to exercise or get in shape or start eating right, why wait to til the New Year to start, when you can do it anytime during the year or any month or any day. I plan on spending the coming year exactly how I have spent every past year: living one day at a time and with God being first in all of them. Shouldn't that be how everyone spends their years?

Later tonight we'll shoot fireworks. We picked up some today, actually we bought two big bags of them! It's always fun to set off and watch fireworks. We'll be out in the cold, bundled up and the Hubby and I will probably have a cup of coffee to try and help us stay warm! Who knows we may even build a bonfire in the back yard and roast some marshmellows and I'll fix the kids some hot chocolate too!

Happy New Year and as you start your New Year, remember to keep Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last.(JOY)

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