Friday, January 8, 2010

Staying Frugal

No snow, sleet or rain last night, which is good because if had more than likely School would have been canceled for today and they would have had to make it up on another day that they have off. So that is a plus! Another plus is that the kids have off on Monday, I think the Princess is planning a to go and see a movie with her friends and I think that I will probably take the Bookworm to see one as well.

So my theme for this year is all about being frugal. Three ways I have saved this week. Coupons! I had over 22 dollars in coupons when I went to Wal-mart on Monday to get groceries and other things that we needed for the home. What a way to save by just clipping coupons!

Another way I saved was shopping the sales paper for one of our local grocery stores. They had a great deal of BOGO(buy one get one free) free items in their sale paper. I stocked up on coffee, cereal for the kids and a variety of other items.

The third way I saved was buy looking in the meat department at this grocery store and discovering that although there were great sales going on on their meats, there were also great in them for only $1.99 a pack...these were originally $6.99 a pack reduced to $2.99 then there was a $1.00 coupon on each pack! What a great deal! And if you are thinking that they were probably no good or expired like today....NO, they were good and I bought them yesterday and they didn't expire til the 10th. I also got a similar deal on their Fresh All Natural Pork Boneless Country Style BackRibs. I bought two packs of these as well. They were originally $6.27 marked to $3.65 and they too also had a $1.00 off coupon for a price each of $2.65! Another great deal these too expiring on the 10th. I have always wondered how I could save save save on fresh meats and now I know how!

What are some ways that you have been frugal lately?

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Cheri said...

Let's see... I had hubby stop at the store on his way home instead of going myself. Honestly, it saved money since he got mostly essentials instead of my - ooo, we might need this...

And I spent quite a bit of time online choosing a hotel for next week's road trip. Since we'll have four kids, I went with the "kids eat free" option instead of our usual hotel to gain points towards a free stay!