Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold, Cold and Cold....Burrr

South Carolina in the winter time has never been as cold as it has been in the past week, since I was a little girl. And I believe the last time it was this cold was when I was in Elementary School, but even so, then it snowed! And it wasn't just a "dusting", it was a lot of snow!

It has been so cold the past four mornings that the Hubby and I have driven the kids to School. It has been 17 degrees! That is cold, but I do think to myself that we have endured lower temperatures when we lived in Germany, but not so much I don't think when we lived in Italy, but yet it did get cold.

It's so cold that our heater can't keep up, it's almost constantly running. We are wearing layers in the house and are using blankets to cover up with when on the couch watching TV, we have even built a fire several nights in the fireplace. The Hubby and I have our comforter on our bed along with two other quilts on top of the comforter! Plus I have put extra blankets on the kids' beds.

A chance of snow! Yes, there is a chance that we may see some of the white stuff here tomorrow night through early morning on Friday. What am I predicting? I am predicting that the School District here will cancel School on Friday. Even if it snows alittle or a lot, they will close Schools, because it will all probably freeze over and may be not safe to drive on.

So, what will we do if there is no School.....we'll build a fire in the fire place, hang out in our pjs all day, roast marshmallows and Mom will make hot cocoa for the kids! And of course if it snow, we'll have to make snow ice cream. Yum-O!

Old Man Winter definitely came to SC this year!

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