Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Studying and Still Savin'

This morning was another cold morning here for us, it was 19 degrees when we awoke a 6:30. The Hubby took the Bookworm to school and stayed with him while he had his Archery Club. I took the Princess to school so that she wouldn't have to walk in the cold cold cold!Burrrrrrrr

After I straightened up the kids rooms and made their beds and tidied up their bathroom and made mine and the Hubby's bed and changed out of my pjs into warm jogging pants and a long sleeve shirt and socks.......I read the introduction and first chapter in my Psychology book. It is a very big book and the chapters are long, I started at 8 and when I looked up at the clock, it was 11! I did a lot of reading and a lot of studying! I will start and finish chapter 2 tomorrow morning. I will probably try to go ahead and view my two lectures as well, then I can do my assignment ahead of time, it's not due until next Sunday. Classes don't actually start until Monday, but hey, it doesn't hurt to be ahead! Last night I managed to read the introduction and the first chapter in my Theology Book. We are reading Core Christianity. What a great book, I didn't want to stop, but I had to, the first Module is to only read that far. I still have 5 Excerpts and 2 video lectures to watch, then a quiz to take. This Professor likes to give a lot of Excerpts to read, but they are pretty interesting from what I can tell. I am excited about both of the classes and I am praying that I do well in them. Liberty finally has my transcript posted from my other degree and ALL of my classes transfer!!! How awesome is that! That takes care of all of my English's and almost all of my free electives!!! Thank you Lord!

So, even though I am busy with School and Studying, I still managed to find time to clip and save before I went to the Grocery Store today. I had a sort list of things that I needed to pick up so I was just going to go to Wal-mart, but after I pulled the van out of the garage I checked the mail and what do you know, the flyers came today for two local Grocery Stores! I scanned the sale papers and decided that it would be in my best interest to change my direction and go hit Target, then Bi-Lo. With all said and done, I saved $79.51 cents! My bill was $199.30, I saved 56.66 just with using my in store card and then I saved 22. 85 with coupons! Bringing my total bill to $123.40 tax included! And with this store card, you even earn gas perks, which means that you save from 5 to 10 cents when you fill up at the tank! Another great way to save!

Saving takes time, investigate in your area, find the deals, and you can save too!

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