Friday, February 25, 2011

So Many Blessings

Our home has been quite full of many happenings and blessings lately.

The Bookworm has once again started back into his Archery, their first Competition will be soon, which will be the SC State Competition. If they place they will once again go to Nationals in Louisville,KY. The Bookworm also got selected for The United States Achievement Academy: Who's Who Among Honor Students. We are very, very proud of him! Plus, he also got an invitation to join the National Beta Club. His induction will be at his school in April. SO VERY PROUD OF HIM!!!

The Princess has been very busy as well. She just returned on Monday evening from Disney World in Florida. She along with the Band, were invited to march in the Disney parade. What an honor! She had a wonderful time despite that two of their three band buses had blow-outs going and coming home! A month ago, the Princess auditioned for the State of SC Region Band and she made 8th chair flute! Today she has practice up North all day until tonight. Tomorrow she will also have practice until mid afternoon, we will meet her up there and listen to her Region Band Concert. SO VERY PROUD OF HER!!!

The Major gave the Sunday sermon at our Church on Sunday. After he preached our Church voted and he is now Licensed to preach. He was so excited about preaching Sunday morning, I thought that he was going to float away! I would have been so nervous, I told him that he is definately called by God to go into the Ministry since he wasn't nervous!

As for me, I contine to Mom and Wife. The weather has been very nice here since this past weekend, and if you know me, you know that I have been outside as much as possible! Warm weather is my best friend and I love to get outside whenever I can! I have really been doing a lot in the yards.....I went to my parent's house and my Mom and I dug up tons of monkey grass and trees for me to plant at my house.(thank Mama, I had a fun time!) I planted monkey grass up our sidewalk out front and I planted a few trees in the front as well. I also painted our mailbox/post, it looks awesome! In the back the Major plowed my garden for me, tomorrow morning we plan on getting the posts the rest of the way in the ground so that I can plant! Also in the back I dug up all the grass along the back of the house and made a flower bed on both sides. I added monkey grass and pine straw, WOW, what a huge difference it made out back! I also planted a TON of trees and bushes that I got at my Mom's, they look great and really added to the back yard. My fruit trees are already blooming: cherry trees, pears, plums and peaches! I was also told by our neighbor, Farmer Joe, that there are also red raspberries planted too. He showed me where they should come up at, I can't wait to see them! I am anxiously waiting for my asparagus to start sprouting, should be any day now(there is TONS of asparagus). It is raining here right now, but as soon as it clears, you'll find me out in the dirt!

It is a wonderful feeling to have our own house once again. It's an even nicer feeling to have everything in the inside done and finish, and now be able to be outside. Of course there are a few things that will have to wait to be done when it is alittle warmer such as; pressure washing the house and shed, and painting the white trim on the porch and back porch.

Lord thank you for your blessings.

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