Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dinner Table

Our family eats dinner together everynight around our dining room table. It's a time when we not only eat together, but we talk about how our day was. We each give an up and down for the day. It's interesting to see how everyone's day was. Dinner time is our time to talk, encourage, and listen to one another while enjoying a wonderful meal together, be it one that I fixed or take-out or something that the Major grilled. Lately, we've been letting the kids take a turn once a week and cook. They get to choose want they each want to cook, and then they gives Mom a break and they have fun.

What really amazes me is the number of families that do not eat dinner together. They eat going throught the drive-thru or they just fix dinner and everyone eats where-ever they want or they eat at different times. I sad! Where is the family time!

Our family enjoys spending time together we not only eat dinner together but we love to play board games together. It's not hard to spend quality time together(away from the TV which we do not watch a lot of). We also love to go to our local Yogurt shop in our Town and get yogurt together. We also like to walk around our neighborhood or hang outside together. Lately we have been spending a lot of time together as we try to finish moving into our new house. It's been fun working together arranging the rooms.

Think about it: what you do as a family is what your children are going to do when they have their own family one day, so make a great impression now because later it too late!

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